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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wicked Wednesday

Helen Reddy’s biggest hit, Angie Baby is a song that both makes you want to dance but also gives you goose bumps at the same time. Number One in 1974, the record went gold and became an overnight sensation. For the woman who’d given the masses classics like I Am Woman and Delta Dawn, this seemed a perfect addition to her repertoire.

A girl named Angie, who’s a “little touched,” lives her life in her room listening to the radio and fantasizing about the men in the songs she hears. When her parents go away for a while, a boy in her neighborhood comes over with mischief on his mind… but it’s he who gets the surprise. What happens to him? You decide.

Reddy herself has stated that she always loved this song and it was one of her few records that she didn’t have to push programmers to add to radio playlists across the country. This video, produced using animated figures, tells the story along with the song and adds some oomph to it, if I say so myself. Enjoy. Angie Baby is still on the prowl all these years later.


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