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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tina Turner Thursday

Tina Turner’s 1989 album Foreign Affair spawned so many hit singles in so many countries that the videos seemed never ending. I Don’t Wanna Lose You was a huge hit on the European front, although it only attracted minor airplay here in the US. A concert favorite nonetheless, the song remains a staple of Tina’s live performances.

The video for the song gives a picture of young lovers in the throes of their infatuation. Tina sings to them from a balcony above as they swoon and smile at each other. It gives the watcher a sense of being in one of those old Hollywood classic love stories. And Tina’s vocals are simply stellar. They fit the track and the video to a tee.

From 1989, the official music video for I Don’t Wanna Lose You is still a fun watch. If you get the chance to pick up Tina Live In Barcelona you’ll see what a smash this one is with audiences. It just sparkles.


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