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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday's Flashback

In the mid 80’s, Mike Rutherford of Genesis formed his own band called Mike and The Mechanics. They had several hit singles. Most people today remember them for All I Need Is A Miracle. That was a great song. But a friend of mine recently reminded me of their hit Silent Running. I was asked to listen to this song again and relate it to the present political climate in the US today.

I was really floored. So much of this song’s lyrics ring true to the Tea Party movement that has been gaining headlines in the last couple of years. These are people who are so bent on making people do what they want them to do that they do not care about America. This land was made for you and me…remember that? They don’t give a damn about this sentiment. They’re out for themselves.

Give this one a spin again and pay attention to the lyrics. You’ll be quite shocked, as I was. “…For one day sons and daughters will rise up and fight where we stood still…” Sort of gave me goose bumps.


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