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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday's Flashback

I love disco. It gets a bad rap today because it did interrupt the flow of all that delicious soft rock of the seventies, but some of that music still sounds fantastic. Maybe the lyrics are dated. Maybe some of the acts look quite silly in those old video clips. Maybe it is a bygone era. But what it is to me is a representation of some of the music that ruled when I was in my formative years.

One of the most successful and best remembered of the one hit wonders who appeared during this frenzied period in American music, Atlanta's own Alicia Bridges scored one of the biggest hits of the late 70's with an infectious number that remains popular today. I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round) is one of those songs that people just can't sit still when they hear. Alicia's impeccable vocals bring the whole mellow arrangement a scorching touch of originality that keeps this one alive well into the third decade past its initial popularity.

Here in a video clip from You Tube, shot during the song's heyday, is Alicia Bridges singing her Grammy nominated mega hit.


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