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Monday, November 8, 2010

Murder In A North Georgia Town...25 Years On

A couple years ago I wrote an article about a brutal double murder that happened here in my hometown back in 1985. A local minister and his wife, both 66, were beaten to death in their home on the night of November 7th. No one was ever arrested for these crimes.
As the 25th anniversary of this henious act came about, I was contacted by a writer for our local newspaper. His name is Mark Millican and Mark was planning a big story for the Daily Citizen News on the quarter century milestone since the murders took place, and the fact that nobody was brought to justice for committing them. Mark had read my article and wanted to talk to me about the research I did for it. He also interviewed me for his article, as well as incorporated parts of my original piece into his. The story ran yesterday in our local paper and I was thrilled with it. Outstanding is the only word that comes to mind which captures how I feel about the work that Mark did on this.
My article ran on several crime blogs when I first wrote it and Gregg Olsen's Crime Rant is one of them. Gregg is a bestselling author of true crime novels as well as fiction. His work has been featured on some of the most popular documentary programs on television today. Several people commented on my story on Gregg's site and I didn't know about a lot of these remarks until Mark found them and brought them to my attention. I was floored.
It has always been my dream that one day this murderer would be brought to justice. Mark's work on this case is the caliber of journalism that breaks things wide open. In presenting this story again I am pleased to provide links to Mark's work for our local paper. Please feel free to write him and congratulate him on a job most certainly well done.




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