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Sunday, November 14, 2010

It Gets Better?


I'm beginning to wonder about this slogan. It sounds great but so far I'm not seeing any action behind it. Just this past week the Supreme Court upheld the "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" policy because they're waiting to review some kind of report on the matter. Gay marriage is still in limbo in California because the Federal courts out there are afraid to abolish it. If states like Idaho and Connecticut can okay same sex marriage then I'm not interested in any half assed excuses from California. I don't care what vote anybody holds, you cannot let the majority strip anybody of his civil rights. If this were the case you'd have states still segregating African Americans.

I fully believe we're on the right track with a lot of issues in this country but change happens slowly and sometimes it is excruciating to wait for them to come about. The media doesn't help matters any at all. Right now they're too busy trying to make a meal out of the Republicans picking up a few House seats two weeks ago to focus on anything else. If you want my opinion, the real story there should be how the GOP split itself with those damn Tea Partiers. I don't even think the GOP is smart enough to appreciate the damage it has done to itself. Republicans are going the way of the dinosaur and this is the reason why. They refuse to accept that the world is changing. So their misfortune is going to be their undoing.

I guess I'm just feeling somewhat restless with the state of things in the nation right now. I supported Barack Obama and I still do. I believe his platform is a sound one. Especially where health care is concerned. Something has to be done to reign in the soaring costs of health care and something has to be done to take care of those who don't have health insurance, because it's this portion of the population that is causing hospitals to go under. People who can't pay their bills have to be treated just like anybody else but if there's no money to cover their care then it gets swallowed by the institutions who provided it. State medicaid programs don't offer enough to pay for it. There are practically no indigent funds around anymore. Yes, something has to be done and it is going to have to come from the federal level. There is no way to avoid it.

Back to the issue of GLBT rights, I see a pot simmering to a boil where this is concerned. People are tired of having their rights stepped on and they're sick of being made to feel that they're not as important as others. They are refusing to accept the status quo anymore because they don't have to accept it. The US Constitution provides rights for all Americans, not just some, and I for one am proud of anybody who stands up and says "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" If something doesn't give soon, we're going to see a repeat of the riots and violence of the 1960's all over again. And I think it is a damn shame that people have to resort to tactics like that in order to make their point and bring about change.

The future is right in front of us and we have to move into it with an agenda of making the world a better place for us to live. We can't try to keep arcane and antiquated values from a bygone generation. We can't stand in the way of the march forward in time. It's impossible to go back and you can't stand still either. Standing still is equivalent to a living death. It's also impossible to do. Our world is spinning through space with legions of people doing their best to destroy it. It takes the brave and the courageous to bring about change but it takes the ordinary to embrace it.

So...It gets better?

Show me.


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